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What Influences the Sale of Your Home?

Selling a home requires us to work together to prepare the strategy which meets the needs of the market and your goals for the future.  We discuss what is important to you.  Our initial meeting provides insight into features, updates, and amenities of your home while providing an opportunity to address questions or concerns about the selling process.  There are many factors influencing the complexity and time it will take to market your property.  Typically, the selling process begins with answering several questions.

What is your ideal time frame for selling your property? 
What unique features do you like most about your home? 
What are the current market conditions?
How do the conditions impact the pricing of your home? 
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We analyze comprehensive data on pricing, demand, and the competitive landscape to tailor a dynamic approach for your property.  

The process can be broken down into:

  1. Presenting your home in its best light
  2. Marketing the property to attract buyers
  3. Identifying the right buyer
  4. Negotiating the contract
  5. Coordinating with all parties to complete requirements of the sale.  

This means closing, funding, and helping you transition from one home to the next.  We remain your trusted advisor for all your real estate needs now and in the future.